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Super-hard Material Make Powder Mill More Durable

Le 11 February 2014, 06:28 dans Humeurs 0

High pressure micro powder mill is mainly applicable to the non-flammability, non-explosive and non-metal materials with medium or low hardness, humidity under 6%, and Moh's hardness under Level 9, such as calcite, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talcum, mica, magnesite, illite, pyrophyllite, rectorite, kieselguhr, barite, gypsum, alunite, plumbago, fluorite, pumice, more than 200 categories of materials. The hardness of materials is the key factor affecting the wear condition and the service life of the machine. The service life of wear parts will be shortened when Moh's hardness reaches Level 4~6.

Calcite powder is coarse whiting, is short for “heavy calcium carbonate, active ingredient is heavy calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate is also referred to as” coarse whiting “, usually used as a filler, widely used in artificial floor tile, rubber, plastic, papermaking, coating, paint, printing ink, cable, construction supplies, food, medicine, daily chemical industry such as textile, feed, toothpaste, as a filling agent rise to increase the volume of products, reduce the production cost. Calcite powder used in artificial stone, artificial floor tile, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, coating, plastic, composite calcium new plastic, cable, paper making, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, paint, printing ink, cable, electrical insulation, food, textile, feed, adhesive, sealant, asphalt, building materials, linoleum building, fire prevention of the ceiling and daily chemical products such as filling material.

On basis of many times experiments and improvement, introducing the latest mechanical techniques of Sweden, high pressure micro powder mill, the latest industrial powder grinding mill, is a new type pulverizer machine for producing powder machine. It is a powder machine. This kind of micro grinder is popular at home and abroad and the mill for sale welcomes you all the time.


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Four Excellent Traits of HXJQ New Sand Production Line

Le 16 December 2013, 02:52 dans Humeurs 0

The new sand production line equipment is under the continuous improvement towards a new technological era. Sand production line equipment also known as the stone production line and stone crushing processing equipment. Its main purpose is to process a number of different hardness of stone. Such as quartz sand, bauxite, granite, etc. These have certain hardness, through stone production line becomes stone aggregates, generally used in construction and railway and other construction occupations.

The new sand production line since launched has been welcomed by the market, which is not only environmentally friendly but also produced better quality stone than before.

1. Some larger stones into sand production line equipment, the belt conveyor feed port should be add a slow down facilities; this can reduce the fragmentation and collision.

2. On the strength of cleaning, make the sand production line for the preliminary update. Because the rock abrasion resistance is poor, stone during operation easier breading. Therefore, sand production line manufacturers Henan Hongxing Machinery recommended screening washing for aggregates but also for finished product sand. Thereby increasing efforts can prevent quantity of stone powder.

3. Rocks cannot be changed, not can refueling field. With the transport of the belt, the rocks go through screening and cleaning.

4. During the transport process of sand production line, aggregate is often broken or have a collision, to avoid this from happening, the new production line should increase the mesh aperture in the sand aggregate production process,


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HXJQ High-tech Rotary Kiln Can Make the Most of Energy

Le 16 December 2013, 02:51 dans Humeurs 0

Rotary kiln is actor for operation process with certain rotational speed and a little Angle and horizontal cylinder. Solid materials enter into rotary kiln tail at a certain speed and move slowly with the rotation of the kiln to the other side (kiln head), at the same time of material mixing, heating, and experiencing various kinds of chemical reaction, continuous discharge materials after processing by rotary kiln head, then we get the finished products after cooling by cooling machine. Rotary kiln calcinations production line is complex and reasonable, Hongxing rotary kiln adopts latest technologies and makes full use of thermal energy.

Experts from Hongxing Machinery analyze on the optimization rotary kiln in the process of calcining materials. Rotary kiln is widely used to calcine massive, granular or powder to solid material. Rotary kiln provide the reacting space and condition for raw materials, rotary kiln is suitable for non-ferrous metals metallurgy process, such as used for aluminum hydroxide calcination, lead and zinc or zinc leaching residue processing, etc.

Rotary kiln is the host equipment in cement calcination plant, cement production line capacity are based on rotary kiln performance, and the rotary kiln working condition has close relationship with refractory materials. Production process stability and masonry construction quality also affect the service life of rotary kiln refractory and the rotary kiln normal operation. Rotary kiln lining refractory has the functions of protection rotary kiln shell, reduce kiln shell heat loss, stable thermal system and improve calcining kiln capacity etc.

Refractory has different functions in different rotary kiln section and refractory has the following features; refractory not melt at high temperature for a long time and keep stable strength, refractory does not cracks and peel off under variable temperature and kiln stop for maintenance. Refractory has good corrosion resistance in the process of burning ash, slag, steam, etc. and the chemical erosion resistance is also strong. Rotary kiln refractory is Wear resistance and high mechanical strength; especially at the beginning of kiln commissioning, refractory have good resistance to abrasion and erosion without rotary kiln skin protection.


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